What is this SEM and SEA?

What is this SEM and SEA?

SEM is the short form for Search Engine Marketing and is about the Marketing in search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. Google is the best known search engine and therefore the most relevant. The term googling is now even part of most dictionaries. SEM is especially important for you, if you are present in the digital world and want to distribute your products and services via the Internet. Search Engine Marketing rises the “Traffic“ of a Website, so that the online presence is getting stronger. It is about the try to bring a product or service as successfully as possible to the customer. Through the use of search engines the so called “Pull-effect“ brings you high-quality customers, which is especially interesting for internet-based business models.

SEM can be divided into two strings, SEO and SEA. SEA, which stands for Search Engine Advertising, is override about the optimization of the visibility of certain contents. Therefore you can place or book links with fitting search terms. For this work, tools like Google AdWords are used. Results of that can often be seen on the top of the front page of Google, the first results with a yellow advert-symbol are generally the product of this program. In addition you can buy keywords. There are generic and specific keywords. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Generic keywords are often expansive, but more people are leaded to your website. Specific keywords do not reach as many possible customers, but the people who are reached are mostly high quality customers who are more intended to buy a product. By using targeted keywords the waste coverage is lower than with conventional media.

In general SEM and SEA are a good possibility for you to win new customers and to improve your presence in the Internet. It is important to not think of SEM, SEO and SEA as separate steps.  All of these factors work together and are dependent on each other. Therefore they need to be used together to get the best results.

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