The need for tourists in Slovenia– Social Media and Online Marketing in the tourism sector

The need for tourists in Slovenia– Social Media and Online Marketing in the tourism sector

Italy, Spain, France… Or maybe Slovenia?

Have you ever considered spending your next holiday in Slovenia? No? Unfortunately, this is not a big surprise. Most tourists are skipping Slovenia in favor of its more popular neighbors Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary. But this small country located in southern central Europe has so much to offer and it is probably one of the most diverse countries you will ever visit. Slovenia is the only country in Europe to feature the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea, the Karst region and the Pannonian Plain. For instance, it takes you only a couple of hours to go from the sunny and warm Adriatic Coast to the Alps. The country is one of the most water-rich in Europe including a dense river network and the famous karst underground watercourses.

Must-Sees in Slovenia

If you take a trip to Ljubljana, the capital city, you will think that you are somewhere in Italy, but without all the loudness and tourists. The city is known for its aesthetic and carefully created buildings, its number of bridges and the Ljubljana castle, all of which make the city beautiful enough to even rival Vienna or Prague. Among the biggest tourist destinations in Slovenia is the Lake Bled, also known as the jewel of Slovenia. Just 15 kilometers shy of Slovenia´s border with Austria, the glacial lake is known for the Bled castle on a small island in the midst of the lake, which dates back to 1011 and is steeped in romantic tradition. These are just some of the various attractions and places you should see in Slovenia. Despite all the beautiful places mentioned above, tourists still plan their holidays in the countries next to Slovenia. We started to wonder, what can be done in terms of Social Media and Online Marketing in order to attract more tourists in general? With this question in mind, we would like to show you some Online Marketing and Social Media trends and facts that could probably answer this question.

Social Media and Online Marketing – Trends and Facts

Basically, planning a holiday, most people use the Internet, or more precisely: a search engine. Due to a search engine like Google, people are not only able to search for the perfect destination, but more importantly: they can compare prices and hotels. This makes SEO for hotels or even for whole regions highly important, because many people only look at the first few pages when using a search engine. Also, Social Media becomes more and more important for the tourism sector. A good Social Media strategy leads to more user generated content, which in turn is an important decision-making support for potential tourists. For example, the photo-sharing social network Instagram, as you can read on our blog, is very well-suited for the tourism sector as it is easy to use and because of the fact that visual communication has a more lasting effect on people than a simple text. Instagram also offers a video function and tools like Hyperlapse, which helps making high quality videos. Such a high quality video shared on Instagram is likely to be watched by many people and can be crucial to the decision-making of a potential customer or tourist. Another very interesting trend is virtual-reality marketing, which focuses on 360° technology and uses special cameras in order to achieve the panoramic view. A 360° virtual tour in a hotel or region can be a popular feature offered to tourists. Using these trends and facts, it is be possible to attract more tourists to underrated countries like Slovenia.