Do it yourself SEO – craft your own optimized website with On Page Optimization

Do it yourself SEO – craft your own optimized website with On Page Optimization

What is it about?                         

On Page Optimization is about all measures you can take by yourself on your own website or blog to optimize it for Google. If you take into account some rules and prescriptions, it won’t take too much effort but gives you a lot success! On Page Optimization always precedes the Off Page Optimization, thus it is a very important step in SEO. You can´t be successful in promoting your web page if it is not optimized itself. The On Page Optimization can be accomplished on the conceptual and structural level. So let’s get started with some useful hints!


Your Handicraft Instruction for the optimization made by Google

Content is king!    

Always keep in mind that Google ranks web pages higher which do contain texts. But be careful, it is not just about having content but more about the readability for people. What does that mean for you? Nothing but using a clear and precise language which is still easy to understand for the target group. Don´t forget to pay attention to grammar and orthography. The common internet user is impatient and wants to be entertained and informed at the same time – Thus: Do not write your article too long, keep them short and sweet! Nevertheless, you should insert your optimized keywords in the headlines and in the texts but beware, too many of them will be answered with a penalty by Google which either takes your website down in the rankings or even excludes it!


SEO to go – keep the structure of your website clear and easy


Not only the content but also the entire structure of your website has to be SEO optimized. The whole internal structure of the website should be kept as easy and straight as possible and the URL of it as well. Please note, in case that you have programmed anything on the website yourself, your code has to be linear and free of errors. Now your website will be crawled faster by Google and your visitors will orientate easier and that will increase user satisfaction – You’ll kill two birds with one stone, wouldn’t it be great? Is it all still too complicated? If you still need help you can work together with a competent SEO agency.

What is Search Engine Optimization and why is it that important for the tourist industry?

What is Search Engine Optimization and why is it that important for the tourist industry?

Nowadays, it can be quiet tough to gain money with a hotel or a pension but let’s ask why! You should not only have to be a high quality hotel with great services and an amazing view over the sea which is nearby – you need to be found by your potential customers. And here is how you will reach the attention.

Being found to be booked

If we have a look on the most popular search engine of the world it seems like a mystery how some websites reach the seat in the loge and some do not. This is where your online marketing partner comes into play. Those search engine optimization agencies, in short SEO agencies, have certain fields of work: the on page optimization, the off page optimization and social media marketing. If those fields sound like hieroglyphics for you then go on reading.

What has to be done?

The first step initiated by your SEO agency is the on page optimization which means that the website shall move up in the ranking of the search engine with the help of modifications and changes on your website. They affect the layout and other settings which will be changed to those google “likes” most. This is a constant process to be done because of the search algorithm of google which changes periodically. Then there is the off page optimization which includes the normal distribution of the website link in the Internet to make it more popular for the search engine and finally SEO agencies increase the presence of the company in social media platforms to stay current what is called social media marketing.

The tourist industry as the most worthwhile field of SEO

It probably became clear that SEO is worth the expenditure and especially the tourist industry can gain a lot from these optimization steps because this field lives from the attention of their customers. There are often more accommodations in one area because of the popularity of it and as an effect there are more competitors to assert against. Those companies with a high ranking in google are more often found so they are probably more often booked. I mean, who of us goes until page 15 when we google something? We all think that the most relevant and best websites are on the first three pages. Furthermore, you can say that you generally reach more potential customers with more web presence and as you may imagine, it is not likely that someone starts searching especially one website unless they know your company. The latter will be the case when your online marketing strategy is successful.

You better start yesterday

Search engine optimization is used by all the big companies all over the world but it does not mean that your small pension cannot make use of it. Actually, the opposite is the case: the smaller your company, the more important is your web presence in google. Don’t wait until your next door’s accommodation starts with SEO before you do.

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

Onpage Optimization seo

Onpage Optimization denotes all measures of optimization for a search engine which can be carried out on the own website without any influence by third. It can be accomplished on the technical, structural and conceptual level. For instance the right amount of keywords, linguistic register, or a proper coding can be optimized on page. It always has to precede any measures of Offsite Optimization.

Offpage Optimization seo

The most modern website is useless, if people cannot found the website. The focus is on the natural link distribution in different domains. That means basically that you try to share the URL of the optimized link on other websites. These links are considered by Google as a kind of recommendation. Therefore, links of high quality are rated positive and appear in a higher rank in the organic search result. In this case, it is like in real life: Someone who is highly recommended has to be good. Continuity, Endurance and Variation are the key factors of a successful Offpage Optimization.