The International Tourism Fair in Berlin (ITB) – A perfect place to network

The International Tourism Fair in Berlin (ITB) – A perfect place to network

This year the annual International Tourism Fair (ITB) took place in Berlin from 4th to 8th march and it set up new records. You may wonder why the ITB is such an important event for seovolution. As you know, we are an online marketing agency that is specialized on companies of the tourism sector, so you can imagine that many hotels are interested in search engine optimization.

When we take a look on the development of the ITB, we can see that it’s a leading event with path-breaking and completely new ideas. The well structured exhibition centre included 10.000 exhibitors, from 180 countries on 160.000 m2 and it attracted 180.000 visitors which didn’t only come from the tourism sector but also because of personal interest in the world’s different cultures and destinations. To get even more information the ITB-congress offered some lectures with a huge information density concerning subjects of global trends an innovations in the tourism industry.

Furthermore, it is good to see, that even this industry, which places importance on comfort and luxury, stands up for social responsibility. The ITB speaks out for the human rights, against sexual exploitation of children and women, for social justice and for climate/ environmental protection and the protection of animals. To support companies with equal intentions the fair intermediates between non-profit-companies and those from the tourism sector. Thus, the ITB is not only designed to make profit but to be sustained.

We want to summarize the spectacular week in Berlin for you. The biggest exhibitor was Turkey with about 120 exhibition stands; Myanmar expects more growth in its tourism sector, because of its presence on the ITB, like many other countries, too. Serbian companies were also very confident concerning their new contacts. This year’s partner Mongolia envisages tourism records after they presented their country successfully and appealingly. China has already established as a nation that likes to travel so companies should exploit the Asian market. The output market of the cruises in Germany is still a big one that trebled the last 10 years and it will probably even increase the next years.

Every year projects are awarded with the World Legacy Awards for their engagement in lastingness and human rights. This year the winners were touristic projects from India, the USA, Chile, Ecuador and Aruba. Then there’s a completely new field called Sharing Economy that will definitely make its way to the tourism sector in the following years. Moreover, Russia seems to be an aspiring holiday destination which promotes itself with their weak currency and the tourist’s high purchasing power, which are all factors that shall expand Russia’s touristic destinations. The island country Maldives is another region that aims high and therefore they signed to become the ITB partner of 2016 for more touristic attention.

Maybe you’re browsing the Internet with your mobile phone or tablet now while reading this article. That is what future vacations shall support: the use of the Internet during holidays even in foreign countries. One of those countries could be Tunisia because they want to reach more stability after unrests in 2011 with the help of increasing alternative and beach tourism. The general tenor in the tourism industry is quiet positive these days since there are descending energy prices, low rates and a low cost of living. In effect especially the category that contains luxurious traveling will profit from these conditions.

To sum it up, the International Tourism Fair in Berlin was a success for everyone: the halls were completely booked up and the share of specialist visitors rose to 43 percent which is 3 percent more than in the last year. The ITB’s function as a worldwide renowned think tank was fully confirmed this year and the fair made one step towards to the subject of sharing economy in the tourism sector.