Why does Instagram make the difference?

Why does Instagram make the difference?

Instagram – Art in Times of Web 3.0

Have you ever wondered why people use Instagram, even if they are on another social media network, as well. In contrast to other social media channels, where someone just shares a significant moment of his or her life, Instagram is a modern type of art in times of web 3.0. In the past people used canvases and colors to express their feelings, but now, in a word full of technology and dynamics, regular people hardly find time to share their thoughts. However, the desire to create and share with the world remains. So, what can be done? Take a look in your pocket. There is the small device, which you can´t live without: your smart phone. By installing Instagram on it, you solve the problem. By snapping a photo on Instagram and letting your imagination run free while applying a filter or maybe an effect to it, that photo will seem more personal and more inspired even though the original one was probably rather boring.

Instagram – Hashtags and Geotags instead of galleries and museums

The best part of Instagram is that everyone can be an artist. It is not about talent, it is about imagination. Therefore, when hitting the share bottom, there’s a feeling of anticipation that others will be impressed by your little creation. But how can the whole word see your photo? Artists have their galleries which people visit and see their work. When it comes to Instagram it is much easier to access the content because of the hashtags. For those of you, who are not in a social media community, a hashtag is like looking through tagged photos and tracking down people with whom you have shared interests. However, the newest hype is the geotag, namely to tag the places you have been in. Moreover, you can see who else has been to that place before.

Instagram – What does it mean for us?

As a consequence of the tagging you can find people who have similar styles and tastes. Talking about business, companies can generate traffic by connecting with customers through the tags and therefore beat the competition. Despite the fact that there is no link allowed in the post, neither does Instagram engage into banner advertising but the social media platform still has the potential to increase the revenues for a company. For instance, a brand using Instagram can hashtag the most popular tag which is “love”. The past taught us that in art love is a major theme, and therefore there is nothing wrong with assuming that people will continue expressing and sharing this feeling with others. When it comes to brands using the visual content site Instagram, they can put a hashtag containing the tag #love#. By doing so, the brand name will appear when each and every aspiring artist expresses this feeling by using a hashtag. The same accrues to all fields, our before mentioned “galleries”, regardless if those refer to tourism or fashion. The key is to find an expressing photo and put the right hashtag on it.

And remember: a picture is worth a thousand words!