Do it yourself SEO – craft your own optimized website with On Page Optimization

Do it yourself SEO – craft your own optimized website with On Page Optimization

What is it about?                         

On Page Optimization is about all measures you can take by yourself on your own website or blog to optimize it for Google. If you take into account some rules and prescriptions, it won’t take too much effort but gives you a lot success! On Page Optimization always precedes the Off Page Optimization, thus it is a very important step in SEO. You can´t be successful in promoting your web page if it is not optimized itself. The On Page Optimization can be accomplished on the conceptual and structural level. So let’s get started with some useful hints!


Your Handicraft Instruction for the optimization made by Google

Content is king!    

Always keep in mind that Google ranks web pages higher which do contain texts. But be careful, it is not just about having content but more about the readability for people. What does that mean for you? Nothing but using a clear and precise language which is still easy to understand for the target group. Don´t forget to pay attention to grammar and orthography. The common internet user is impatient and wants to be entertained and informed at the same time – Thus: Do not write your article too long, keep them short and sweet! Nevertheless, you should insert your optimized keywords in the headlines and in the texts but beware, too many of them will be answered with a penalty by Google which either takes your website down in the rankings or even excludes it!


SEO to go – keep the structure of your website clear and easy


Not only the content but also the entire structure of your website has to be SEO optimized. The whole internal structure of the website should be kept as easy and straight as possible and the URL of it as well. Please note, in case that you have programmed anything on the website yourself, your code has to be linear and free of errors. Now your website will be crawled faster by Google and your visitors will orientate easier and that will increase user satisfaction – You’ll kill two birds with one stone, wouldn’t it be great? Is it all still too complicated? If you still need help you can work together with a competent SEO agency.