Content Marketing replaces advertising

Content Marketing replaces advertising

All new now

Looking back on the former years there’s a significant change in the heads of marketing specialists. Once there was only the advertising to make a company well-known and a high sum of money was spent on advertisements on nearly every media. Nowadays this has changed: Content Marketing replaces advertising.

Sophisticated clients

But why is that? Everybody is aware of banners, commercials, posters and ads the majority is ignoring them because it’s such a mass of companies that want to promote themselves. And that’s the reason why. We like to read and see more than just headliners like “Come and buy now” or “This is your last chance”. We got rid of that and so we enjoy articles about subjects we are really interested in. During researches we may find them and then we notice that an interesting company wrote it and by this route we make our way to their products and services.

Content is king

This added value is often published on social media or blogs from the companies and doesn’t content any advertisement. Unfortunately, many enterprises didn’t understand the latter so they try to use the added value for direct advertising but it’s quite easy to uncover those posts. Especially the field of tourism and travelling offers many possibilities for content that are not used. It is regrettable because if we remember that Google also crawls those articles to assess and rank websites, it’s wasted potential. Keep in mind that about 75 percent of the user make researches on Google to find adequate accommodations!

Numbers speak for themselves

Eventually, you may even now wonder why to make use of content marketing? Actually, it’s not convincing to say that one need something because everybody’s got it but in this case however it is true. Almost 96 per cent of asked enterprises say that you need content marketing if you want to be successful on the Internet and generally with your sales strategy. More than the half already produces added value to reach more people and raise their budget for it in the future. Going more into the content it’s important that it’s understandable, true, useful and illustrative.

Make people want to read your content

Provided that you already make use of content marketing but still wait for people reading your articles and posts this may help you. Your subject can be the most interesting in the world and won’t be read if your headline isn’t meaningful. Dependent on the headline the readers decide to or against reading the whole article and that’s why the title is read five times more than the rest. As a consequence you have to create the headings as conscientiously as your main text because the former decides the reading of the latter.

Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish

At the latest now, you are convinced that you do need content marketing. If you’re unsure about your writing competence then you should look out for someone to do this for you since you know that content marketing is a discipline whose importance shouldn’t be underestimated. So let’s go and create content! And don’t forget to tailor it for your target group.