The need for tourists in Slovenia– Social Media and Online Marketing in the tourism sector

The need for tourists in Slovenia– Social Media and Online Marketing in the tourism sector

Italy, Spain, France… Or maybe Slovenia?

Have you ever considered spending your next holiday in Slovenia? No? Unfortunately, this is not a big surprise. Most tourists are skipping Slovenia in favor of its more popular neighbors Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary. But this small country located in southern central Europe has so much to offer and it is probably one of the most diverse countries you will ever visit. Slovenia is the only country in Europe to feature the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea, the Karst region and the Pannonian Plain. For instance, it takes you only a couple of hours to go from the sunny and warm Adriatic Coast to the Alps. The country is one of the most water-rich in Europe including a dense river network and the famous karst underground watercourses.

Must-Sees in Slovenia

If you take a trip to Ljubljana, the capital city, you will think that you are somewhere in Italy, but without all the loudness and tourists. The city is known for its aesthetic and carefully created buildings, its number of bridges and the Ljubljana castle, all of which make the city beautiful enough to even rival Vienna or Prague. Among the biggest tourist destinations in Slovenia is the Lake Bled, also known as the jewel of Slovenia. Just 15 kilometers shy of Slovenia´s border with Austria, the glacial lake is known for the Bled castle on a small island in the midst of the lake, which dates back to 1011 and is steeped in romantic tradition. These are just some of the various attractions and places you should see in Slovenia. Despite all the beautiful places mentioned above, tourists still plan their holidays in the countries next to Slovenia. We started to wonder, what can be done in terms of Social Media and Online Marketing in order to attract more tourists in general? With this question in mind, we would like to show you some Online Marketing and Social Media trends and facts that could probably answer this question.

Social Media and Online Marketing – Trends and Facts

Basically, planning a holiday, most people use the Internet, or more precisely: a search engine. Due to a search engine like Google, people are not only able to search for the perfect destination, but more importantly: they can compare prices and hotels. This makes SEO for hotels or even for whole regions highly important, because many people only look at the first few pages when using a search engine. Also, Social Media becomes more and more important for the tourism sector. A good Social Media strategy leads to more user generated content, which in turn is an important decision-making support for potential tourists. For example, the photo-sharing social network Instagram, as you can read on our blog, is very well-suited for the tourism sector as it is easy to use and because of the fact that visual communication has a more lasting effect on people than a simple text. Instagram also offers a video function and tools like Hyperlapse, which helps making high quality videos. Such a high quality video shared on Instagram is likely to be watched by many people and can be crucial to the decision-making of a potential customer or tourist. Another very interesting trend is virtual-reality marketing, which focuses on 360° technology and uses special cameras in order to achieve the panoramic view. A 360° virtual tour in a hotel or region can be a popular feature offered to tourists. Using these trends and facts, it is be possible to attract more tourists to underrated countries like Slovenia.

Technical Marketing – the other side of Marketing

Technical Marketing – the other side of Marketing

Prejudices on Marketing

Person 1: “What´s your job?”

Person 2: “I´m a marketer.”

Person 1: “I see, you do advertising!”


Really? That is the cliché everyone is so keen on believing. Academic wise gets even worse, because in the effort to define marketing precisely it tends to limit its perspectives to the 4 P´s: product, price, place/distribution and promotion. Hence, only the actual practice can define what marketing is about and what is required in order to succeed in marketing. Regardless of whether a marketer works in an agency or in a company, one question he or she must always answer when being interviewed is about his/her technical skills. Therefore, the marketing job isn´t just about creativity any more, it is also an engineering and programmer job. Without some basic knowledge of the database systems, codes or content-management-systems it is hard for a marketer to keep up in today´s economics war.


Marketing gets technical

If googling technical marketing, one will find thousands of definitions, some of which have nothing in common with this concept. For instance, in the last years there has been a lot of talk regarding growth hacking or marketing ninjas. These are marketing techniques by means of which, startups gain exposures and become popular without investing in advertising. In order to achieve awareness they make use of the low-cost advantages of social media marketing and viral marketing. However, beside the creativity as a common starting point of a marketing campaign, those techniques have nothing to do with technical marketing, because they lack the basics: the technic.

For us, technical marketing means being able to run a campaign from the beginning till the end. It starts with the planning phase which is the development and testing of an innovative marketing idea and moves on to the implementation. This phase makes the difference between a technical marketer and one who doesn´t have those abilities. This is due to the fact that a technical marketer is able to handle databases by using SQL, for instance, and therefore narrow down a suitable target group for a campaign in just a few minutes. Moreover, a technical marketer is able to forecast and monitor the development of a campaign, relate it to the company´s profitability and act quickly if necessary.

The implementation phase requires even more technical skills than the first one. A marketer needs to be able to know how to use an image photo editor like Photoshop or integrate an ad into a website or e-mail but in most cases he even needs to be able to create the whole website. Therefore, a technical marketer has to speak at least HTML and CSS fluently. Finally, in the controlling phase a marketer has to handle analytics programs.

If you are now asking yourselves where the difference between a technical marketer and a programmer is, the answer is simple: we master content and creativity, they don´t.

Why does Instagram make the difference?

Why does Instagram make the difference?

Instagram – Art in Times of Web 3.0

Have you ever wondered why people use Instagram, even if they are on another social media network, as well. In contrast to other social media channels, where someone just shares a significant moment of his or her life, Instagram is a modern type of art in times of web 3.0. In the past people used canvases and colors to express their feelings, but now, in a word full of technology and dynamics, regular people hardly find time to share their thoughts. However, the desire to create and share with the world remains. So, what can be done? Take a look in your pocket. There is the small device, which you can´t live without: your smart phone. By installing Instagram on it, you solve the problem. By snapping a photo on Instagram and letting your imagination run free while applying a filter or maybe an effect to it, that photo will seem more personal and more inspired even though the original one was probably rather boring.

Instagram – Hashtags and Geotags instead of galleries and museums

The best part of Instagram is that everyone can be an artist. It is not about talent, it is about imagination. Therefore, when hitting the share bottom, there’s a feeling of anticipation that others will be impressed by your little creation. But how can the whole word see your photo? Artists have their galleries which people visit and see their work. When it comes to Instagram it is much easier to access the content because of the hashtags. For those of you, who are not in a social media community, a hashtag is like looking through tagged photos and tracking down people with whom you have shared interests. However, the newest hype is the geotag, namely to tag the places you have been in. Moreover, you can see who else has been to that place before.

Instagram – What does it mean for us?

As a consequence of the tagging you can find people who have similar styles and tastes. Talking about business, companies can generate traffic by connecting with customers through the tags and therefore beat the competition. Despite the fact that there is no link allowed in the post, neither does Instagram engage into banner advertising but the social media platform still has the potential to increase the revenues for a company. For instance, a brand using Instagram can hashtag the most popular tag which is “love”. The past taught us that in art love is a major theme, and therefore there is nothing wrong with assuming that people will continue expressing and sharing this feeling with others. When it comes to brands using the visual content site Instagram, they can put a hashtag containing the tag #love#. By doing so, the brand name will appear when each and every aspiring artist expresses this feeling by using a hashtag. The same accrues to all fields, our before mentioned “galleries”, regardless if those refer to tourism or fashion. The key is to find an expressing photo and put the right hashtag on it.

And remember: a picture is worth a thousand words!

Banners, Links and Advertisement

Banners, Links and Advertisement

We all know this kind of advertising on the Internet: blinking banners you are afraid of to close because you may open it in case you miss the right button or links that lead you to online shops although you do not want to buy anything but want to look for information. All this belongs to the category affiliate marketing.

Cooperation on the internet

You may wonder how these advertisements are integrated into the websites and why companies do that. These days it is important to be present on the Internet because the number of Internet users is increasing every day so companies cooperate with site operators to bring the link or advertisement onto the web page. These banners or links shall lead the user to the advertiser’s web page. The site operator also earns money for integrating the advertisement.

Money, money, money…

Another question concerning affiliate marketing: How much money does the site operator gain and what is the advertiser’s profit? The latter is the easier one: the advertiser gets money when people buy something from the online shop. The site operator’s commission, paid from the advertiser, can be based on various conditions: he can be paid per click, per lead, per order or per sale. To find out whether the costumer visits the web page because of the affiliate or because he directly searches for is another critical point while talking about affiliate marketing.

Tracking for commission

Tracking is a useful method for affiliate marketing what can be carried out in one of the following ways. You can make use of cookies, session ID’s, little gif pictures in the HTML code, specifically created links or a tracking method that makes you be able to trace the user’s course back. As you can see there are several ways to simplify the method of payment.

Social networks are not the only Internet based networks

The so called affiliate networks are intermediaries between advertisers and publishers. They find the right advertising partners for both sides but of course they do not work for free. They mostly earn 30 percent of the commission paid to the affiliates. If the affiliate gets 10 percent of each sale the network will get 3 percent of each sale. Generally, it is a good and easy way to make money – for every party.

What do you think – is affiliate marketing an option for you?

Content Marketing replaces advertising

Content Marketing replaces advertising

All new now

Looking back on the former years there’s a significant change in the heads of marketing specialists. Once there was only the advertising to make a company well-known and a high sum of money was spent on advertisements on nearly every media. Nowadays this has changed: Content Marketing replaces advertising.

Sophisticated clients

But why is that? Everybody is aware of banners, commercials, posters and ads the majority is ignoring them because it’s such a mass of companies that want to promote themselves. And that’s the reason why. We like to read and see more than just headliners like “Come and buy now” or “This is your last chance”. We got rid of that and so we enjoy articles about subjects we are really interested in. During researches we may find them and then we notice that an interesting company wrote it and by this route we make our way to their products and services.

Content is king

This added value is often published on social media or blogs from the companies and doesn’t content any advertisement. Unfortunately, many enterprises didn’t understand the latter so they try to use the added value for direct advertising but it’s quite easy to uncover those posts. Especially the field of tourism and travelling offers many possibilities for content that are not used. It is regrettable because if we remember that Google also crawls those articles to assess and rank websites, it’s wasted potential. Keep in mind that about 75 percent of the user make researches on Google to find adequate accommodations!

Numbers speak for themselves

Eventually, you may even now wonder why to make use of content marketing? Actually, it’s not convincing to say that one need something because everybody’s got it but in this case however it is true. Almost 96 per cent of asked enterprises say that you need content marketing if you want to be successful on the Internet and generally with your sales strategy. More than the half already produces added value to reach more people and raise their budget for it in the future. Going more into the content it’s important that it’s understandable, true, useful and illustrative.

Make people want to read your content

Provided that you already make use of content marketing but still wait for people reading your articles and posts this may help you. Your subject can be the most interesting in the world and won’t be read if your headline isn’t meaningful. Dependent on the headline the readers decide to or against reading the whole article and that’s why the title is read five times more than the rest. As a consequence you have to create the headings as conscientiously as your main text because the former decides the reading of the latter.

Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish

At the latest now, you are convinced that you do need content marketing. If you’re unsure about your writing competence then you should look out for someone to do this for you since you know that content marketing is a discipline whose importance shouldn’t be underestimated. So let’s go and create content! And don’t forget to tailor it for your target group.

Do it yourself SEO – craft your own optimized website with On Page Optimization

Do it yourself SEO – craft your own optimized website with On Page Optimization

What is it about?                         

On Page Optimization is about all measures you can take by yourself on your own website or blog to optimize it for Google. If you take into account some rules and prescriptions, it won’t take too much effort but gives you a lot success! On Page Optimization always precedes the Off Page Optimization, thus it is a very important step in SEO. You can´t be successful in promoting your web page if it is not optimized itself. The On Page Optimization can be accomplished on the conceptual and structural level. So let’s get started with some useful hints!


Your Handicraft Instruction for the optimization made by Google

Content is king!    

Always keep in mind that Google ranks web pages higher which do contain texts. But be careful, it is not just about having content but more about the readability for people. What does that mean for you? Nothing but using a clear and precise language which is still easy to understand for the target group. Don´t forget to pay attention to grammar and orthography. The common internet user is impatient and wants to be entertained and informed at the same time – Thus: Do not write your article too long, keep them short and sweet! Nevertheless, you should insert your optimized keywords in the headlines and in the texts but beware, too many of them will be answered with a penalty by Google which either takes your website down in the rankings or even excludes it!


SEO to go – keep the structure of your website clear and easy


Not only the content but also the entire structure of your website has to be SEO optimized. The whole internal structure of the website should be kept as easy and straight as possible and the URL of it as well. Please note, in case that you have programmed anything on the website yourself, your code has to be linear and free of errors. Now your website will be crawled faster by Google and your visitors will orientate easier and that will increase user satisfaction – You’ll kill two birds with one stone, wouldn’t it be great? Is it all still too complicated? If you still need help you can work together with a competent SEO agency.

The International Tourism Fair in Berlin (ITB) – A perfect place to network

The International Tourism Fair in Berlin (ITB) – A perfect place to network

This year the annual International Tourism Fair (ITB) took place in Berlin from 4th to 8th march and it set up new records. You may wonder why the ITB is such an important event for seovolution. As you know, we are an online marketing agency that is specialized on companies of the tourism sector, so you can imagine that many hotels are interested in search engine optimization.

When we take a look on the development of the ITB, we can see that it’s a leading event with path-breaking and completely new ideas. The well structured exhibition centre included 10.000 exhibitors, from 180 countries on 160.000 m2 and it attracted 180.000 visitors which didn’t only come from the tourism sector but also because of personal interest in the world’s different cultures and destinations. To get even more information the ITB-congress offered some lectures with a huge information density concerning subjects of global trends an innovations in the tourism industry.

Furthermore, it is good to see, that even this industry, which places importance on comfort and luxury, stands up for social responsibility. The ITB speaks out for the human rights, against sexual exploitation of children and women, for social justice and for climate/ environmental protection and the protection of animals. To support companies with equal intentions the fair intermediates between non-profit-companies and those from the tourism sector. Thus, the ITB is not only designed to make profit but to be sustained.

We want to summarize the spectacular week in Berlin for you. The biggest exhibitor was Turkey with about 120 exhibition stands; Myanmar expects more growth in its tourism sector, because of its presence on the ITB, like many other countries, too. Serbian companies were also very confident concerning their new contacts. This year’s partner Mongolia envisages tourism records after they presented their country successfully and appealingly. China has already established as a nation that likes to travel so companies should exploit the Asian market. The output market of the cruises in Germany is still a big one that trebled the last 10 years and it will probably even increase the next years.

Every year projects are awarded with the World Legacy Awards for their engagement in lastingness and human rights. This year the winners were touristic projects from India, the USA, Chile, Ecuador and Aruba. Then there’s a completely new field called Sharing Economy that will definitely make its way to the tourism sector in the following years. Moreover, Russia seems to be an aspiring holiday destination which promotes itself with their weak currency and the tourist’s high purchasing power, which are all factors that shall expand Russia’s touristic destinations. The island country Maldives is another region that aims high and therefore they signed to become the ITB partner of 2016 for more touristic attention.

Maybe you’re browsing the Internet with your mobile phone or tablet now while reading this article. That is what future vacations shall support: the use of the Internet during holidays even in foreign countries. One of those countries could be Tunisia because they want to reach more stability after unrests in 2011 with the help of increasing alternative and beach tourism. The general tenor in the tourism industry is quiet positive these days since there are descending energy prices, low rates and a low cost of living. In effect especially the category that contains luxurious traveling will profit from these conditions.

To sum it up, the International Tourism Fair in Berlin was a success for everyone: the halls were completely booked up and the share of specialist visitors rose to 43 percent which is 3 percent more than in the last year. The ITB’s function as a worldwide renowned think tank was fully confirmed this year and the fair made one step towards to the subject of sharing economy in the tourism sector.

What is this SEM and SEA?

What is this SEM and SEA?

SEM is the short form for Search Engine Marketing and is about the Marketing in search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. Google is the best known search engine and therefore the most relevant. The term googling is now even part of most dictionaries. SEM is especially important for you, if you are present in the digital world and want to distribute your products and services via the Internet. Search Engine Marketing rises the “Traffic“ of a Website, so that the online presence is getting stronger. It is about the try to bring a product or service as successfully as possible to the customer. Through the use of search engines the so called “Pull-effect“ brings you high-quality customers, which is especially interesting for internet-based business models.

SEM can be divided into two strings, SEO and SEA. SEA, which stands for Search Engine Advertising, is override about the optimization of the visibility of certain contents. Therefore you can place or book links with fitting search terms. For this work, tools like Google AdWords are used. Results of that can often be seen on the top of the front page of Google, the first results with a yellow advert-symbol are generally the product of this program. In addition you can buy keywords. There are generic and specific keywords. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Generic keywords are often expansive, but more people are leaded to your website. Specific keywords do not reach as many possible customers, but the people who are reached are mostly high quality customers who are more intended to buy a product. By using targeted keywords the waste coverage is lower than with conventional media.

In general SEM and SEA are a good possibility for you to win new customers and to improve your presence in the Internet. It is important to not think of SEM, SEO and SEA as separate steps.  All of these factors work together and are dependent on each other. Therefore they need to be used together to get the best results.

Hungry for more information? Look around our website and find out more about.

Improve your web-presence today for your customers of tomorrow!

What is Search Engine Optimization and why is it that important for the tourist industry?

What is Search Engine Optimization and why is it that important for the tourist industry?

Nowadays, it can be quiet tough to gain money with a hotel or a pension but let’s ask why! You should not only have to be a high quality hotel with great services and an amazing view over the sea which is nearby – you need to be found by your potential customers. And here is how you will reach the attention.

Being found to be booked

If we have a look on the most popular search engine of the world it seems like a mystery how some websites reach the seat in the loge and some do not. This is where your online marketing partner comes into play. Those search engine optimization agencies, in short SEO agencies, have certain fields of work: the on page optimization, the off page optimization and social media marketing. If those fields sound like hieroglyphics for you then go on reading.

What has to be done?

The first step initiated by your SEO agency is the on page optimization which means that the website shall move up in the ranking of the search engine with the help of modifications and changes on your website. They affect the layout and other settings which will be changed to those google “likes” most. This is a constant process to be done because of the search algorithm of google which changes periodically. Then there is the off page optimization which includes the normal distribution of the website link in the Internet to make it more popular for the search engine and finally SEO agencies increase the presence of the company in social media platforms to stay current what is called social media marketing.

The tourist industry as the most worthwhile field of SEO

It probably became clear that SEO is worth the expenditure and especially the tourist industry can gain a lot from these optimization steps because this field lives from the attention of their customers. There are often more accommodations in one area because of the popularity of it and as an effect there are more competitors to assert against. Those companies with a high ranking in google are more often found so they are probably more often booked. I mean, who of us goes until page 15 when we google something? We all think that the most relevant and best websites are on the first three pages. Furthermore, you can say that you generally reach more potential customers with more web presence and as you may imagine, it is not likely that someone starts searching especially one website unless they know your company. The latter will be the case when your online marketing strategy is successful.

You better start yesterday

Search engine optimization is used by all the big companies all over the world but it does not mean that your small pension cannot make use of it. Actually, the opposite is the case: the smaller your company, the more important is your web presence in google. Don’t wait until your next door’s accommodation starts with SEO before you do.